Royal Arastian House Guard and Lictor Gladius Bodyguard

Royal Arastian House Guard:

The Royal House Guard are chosen from the ranks of professional soldiers, nobility, and persons of bravery and valor in all tiers of society. Loyalty, duty, and devotion to the realm are major factors in selection to serve as a Household guard. The Household Guard are upheld to the highest degree in ethics and moral standards and are vetted by the Inquisition. The primary duty of the Household Guard is to secure the Royal Household property and control access to the same. The Household Guard has the authority to question, detain, and block access to anyone below the rank of Prince Praetor within the Royal Household. The King and the Lictor Gladius Bodyguard can order a complete lockdown of the Household, barring access to anyone.

Banner: Royal Arastian White Eagle

Captain of the Guard:
Lord Captain Theodus Verdenius (Cavalier Lv. 3, LG) Order of the Sword
Skills Bluff 6, Climb -3, Diplomacy 7, Handle Animal 7, Intimidate 6, Know Nobility 4, Know Religion 0, Perception 3, Ride 6, Sense Motive 7
Uniform: Polished Field Plate, Red frocked helm, red cloak w/purple liner

Household Guard: (3) squads of 5 – total 15
Lv. 1 Fighter, Paladin, Cavalier, War Priest, Ranger, Magus, Cleric, or Wizard
Pole arm and short sword, long sword and shield, or crossbow and mace

Uniform: Medium or Light Armor, Arastian Eagle tabard, Polished helm or skull cap, blue cloak w/ purple liner

Lictor Gladius – Royal Personal Bodyguard (5)

The finest five gladiator martial artists from the Way of the Sword are chosen to be the Royal Household personal bodyguard. At least one bodyguard is on duty with the King at all times. They are sworn to be the King’s defender to the death, and to place themselves between any potential danger and the King at all times. The martial, performance, and gladiator training is designed for not only protection but for the maximum intimidation and fear in order to discourage any potential attackers.This theme is also part of the image projected by the unusual armor and clothing worn (or lack of) by the Lictor Gladius.The armor, clothing, and performance is designed to attract the attention of those in the room and give away those who may have other things on their minds.The Lictor Gladius perform at official functions and for the public during some holidays at the pleasure of the King.

The Lictor Gladius are closest persons to the Royal Household and only answer to the King, though they take direction and cooperate fully with the Captain of the Guard in most matters.

Example Lictor Gladius: Fighter Lv. 2
Str 15, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Attack 2 CMB 4 ; CMD 15
Skill Focus (Perform Martial Art), Intimidating Prowess,Power Attack, Weapon Focus or exotic weapon
Skills Climb -1, Handle Animal 1, Intimidate 8, Perform martial art 6, Profession Gladiator 2, Ride 5

Highly polished or fully painted Unique Gladiator armor custom to each Lictor. It is illegal for a smith to replicate a Lictors Gladius armor. Helms cannot cover the face. The Way of the Sword blue cloak w/ purple liner. Tattoos are also common.

Game Note:
Arastian Lictor Gladius is a combination of Roman type Gladiator and Japanese Kendo.
The Way of the Sword (Kendo) is a Arastian martial art. Real world application and adult Kendo competition in the arena with real weapons for money (gambling), turned into a Roman type Gladiator spectacle. There are those not trained in Kendo, like brawlers, pit fighters, soldiers, barbarians, and plain thugs who also compete. Performance art and showmanship are a big part of the Gladiator games (much like modern wrestling). Most events are bloody but not to the death, and use a complex scoring method based on Way of the Sword.

Royal Arastian House Guard and Lictor Gladius Bodyguard

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