Exiles of Arastia

The Boggard Village
The Boggard Menace - Act 2

Into the Moors:
The Boggard Menace – Act 2
Team Primus enters Boggard village. They learn that the Druid of the Moors is gone and undead haunt his cave. The Boggard Chief is arrogant, rude, and insulting. He blames the missing Druid and the incidents between the humans and boggards as all the fault of Arastia. Vulkrum cannot make any headway with any peaceful agreement. A’Den leaves to investigate the Druid’s cave and try to determine his fate.
The boggard Chief announces that their “god” will arrive soon and he will deal with these issues. The party discovers the Boggards have taken Glaxxus as their “God” and have summons him to their village. Vulkrum knows well that the party is not prepaired to fight Glaxxus, but cannot make himself leave. The Wyrm arrives and a battle ensues that does not go well. The party flees, but not before Vulkrum and Nilus are greatly injured and Wyran is captured.
A’Den discovers giant undead bats guarding the ruins of the druids cave. He manages to escape back to the Boggard village and tells the Chief this type of undead is beyond the abilities of the Barbarian raiders. He promises to try to remove them for the safety of the moors and find out the fate of the Druid. The Chief tells of the battle and A’Den travels back to Sanctum.

Into the Moors
The Boggard Menace

The PCs having decided to go back into the Moors to investigate the disappearances which seems to have occurred due to the Boggards, they were immediately beset by refugees fleeing a raid on the coastal road.

The survivors told of swamp people, strange looking and fell who raided them at dawn, taking many prisoners and killing the rest.

The party went south and investigated the raid site and found the Boggard trail. Following the raiding part across the Moors, the PCs were able to locate what appears to be a Boggard settlement far into the moors abutted to the northern flank of the mountains along a long line of cliffs.

Securing a resting hideout recently liberated from a Hydra, the party recuperates and plans it’s next move.


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